The Tractor Operator Course is presented in two phases,
the first phase is theory and the second phase is practical, the duration of the Course is two weeks.
After the Courses the members are issued with a Certificate (Tractor Operator) from Dicla,
being accredited by AgriSETA and additional Certificates can be handed out according to the need of the requester.

The Course is sub divided into four modules.

  • Guarding of moving parts safety precautions, Transport act, Health and safety, Legal requirements,National road traffic act, Hazard identification, Safety of people and live stock, passengers, Controls and operation, etc

  • Inspection of equipment, Attending to faults, Repairs and maintenance, etc.

  • General administration aspects of the vehicle and working requirements, Routine maintenance and Scheduled service and repair. Duty sheet layout and discussions.

  • Practical driving: on road surfaces (Tar and gravel) and in the field. Driving with implements (disc, plough, ripper, planter and trailer), etc.


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