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Mr Lizo Mandlendoda is an Eastern Cape born entrepreneur who has dedicated his life and career to alleviating poverty in the lives of our people. Known as the poorest province in South Africa, the Eastern Cape is rich in land and talent, commodities that Mr Mandla utilizes in order to reach his vision of world abundance.

With his surname literally translating to "MANPOWER", Mr Mandlendoda consistantly demonstrates his ability to execute complex projects such as the mechanization centres in Qamata and Cradock, road reconstruction projects in the Chris Hani District whilst supplying the freshest, Global GAP accredited produce to Freshmark, local schools and institutions and we'll as local stores and vendors. His reach goes beyond the Chris Hani District with branches now established in Kuruman, Kimberly, Kumnka, Deberha, Gauteng, Dodrect, Jeffrey's Bay and Middleburg, ranging from bee farming to fish, dairy and wild life. The Middleburg establishment boats in it's array of products and services, specialising in Bonsmara stud breeding, Angora goat and Doneh Marino production. It ranks number 3 in the country in Mohair production, produces the finest wool and is the centre for game farming and tourism.

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